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The Mike O’Fiber Royal Plush towel is the ultimate microfiber towel for professionals and enthusiasts and can be used for various applications.

To meet the needs of the most discerning users, these cloths are borderless (sonically cut) and contain the softest microfibers that won’t cause swirls or marring even on delicate paints.

The Mike O’Fiber cloths are ideal for removing waxes, sealants, glazes, polishes and detailer sprays. Due to the ultra soft microfibers, the Royal Plush towels can also be used for drying small surfaces or in combination with a waterless wash.

The biggest frustration with microfiber towels? The fluff! With Mike O’Fiber’s canvases, this is a thing of the past. The Royal Plush cloths have gone into a drum to keep fluffing to a minimum.

The Royal Plush cloths are available in 5 different colors to easily distinguish various activities and products. The Mike O’Fiber Royal Plush towels can be washed in the washing machine after use. Use a microfiber detergent, such as Mike O’Fiber Microfiber Wash, to keep the cloths in optimum condition.

Dimensions: 40x40cm
Weight: 450gsm
Color Purple

Content: 1 piece

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